An Epic Korean Meal – Korea Tourism and Cuisine Night

Korean Tourism and Cuisine Night

I was so excited to be invited to the Tourism and Cuisine night put on by The Korea Tourism Organization Los Angeles. A special thanks to Christopher Mora.  The unique tasting event took place at Yong Su San Restaurant in Koreatown, a restaurant I had always wanted to try but was waiting for a special occasion because it’s a an upscale restaurant. The very talented blogger/Youtuber Julie Thai joined me at dinner.

I’m am dying to visit Korea again after the event. I had visited Seoul as a teenager with my family but all I remember about the vacation was how unusually beautiful all the women were. The food didn’t stand out for whatever reason that first time around.

The meal was epic! Our first course was Jook, a soft creamy porridge. It was light but rich at the same time, I was starving so it was the perfect bit to whet my appetite before starting the meal



Kaesung Namul – Mixed vegetable salad of bean sprouts, radish and apricot. This dish was so bright and refreshing, the tanginess definitely woke up my tastebuds

kimchi radish

Tang Pyeong Chae – Thinly sliced mung bean jelly marinated in sesame oil. This was definitely one of my favorite dishes and I’m guessing that its probably pretty easy to make at home. The sesame oil was doused generously on the noodles and the mushrooms added a nuanced umami essence to the dish.

noodles glass

Kaesung Bossam Kimchi – Kimchi stuffed with radish, pine nuts, dates and a pickled mix of seafood. This kimchi was next level! After we feasted on the outer leaves the server came to cut the inner leaves to reveal an assortment of tasty surprised hiding inside the leaves.


Paeju – sea scallop with mushroom sauteed in sesame oil. At this point the reporters and writers at the table are getting annoyed with the constant photos being taken by us food bloggers.


Gujeolpan – a colorful platter of nine ingredients (beef, mushroom, assorted vegetables) to be wrapped with small thin crepes) What a beautiful presentation! This was truly a delicate bite, the rich plum (?) sauce brought the wrap all together.




Two separate courses of Jeon -seasonal assorted pan fried dishes. This first Jeon was a shiso leaf

shisoleaf jeon

Flaky fish jeon

more jeon

Dae ha Yori – Egg battered king prawn. Nearing the end of the meal and I am so stuffed but the prawns are crunchy goodness surrounded by a light batter and crispy squash



I’m dying at this point but I have to have a couple pieces of meltingly soft Galbijjim – slow braised short ribs, radish, gingko and dates in traditional soy based marinade

galbi jin


bi bim bap

I made sure to make room for the Neangmyeon – it was so refreshing and bright that I almost forgot that I couldn’t eat another bite of food


Eumryo – a traditional Korean punch, the perfect end to the mean. Super sweet and heavily tasting a cinnamon it was a perfect palate cleanser, no need for an after dinner mint!


Several beautiful destinations in Korea that I have never heard of but are now on my must see list



Ilchulbong Peak

Ilchulbong Peak

Jeju Island





Jeju Island

Yella Feva

Yella Feva

 Following up on the Yellow Fever/Fetish discussion from last week, many of you pointed out that there are many Asian girls who only date White men. Although I dont consider this a form of fetishization -I’ve never really heard of Asian women objectifying white men – I understand why some Asian guys are angry.
Full disclosure, my boyfriend is white but I would not say that I would never date an Asian guy. In fact, most of my ex-boyfriends are Korean (I definitely had a type). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a preference, but flat out refusing to ever date someone of your own race seems twisted. I am very proud of my Asian heritage and I know so many amazing Asian guys that any girl should be lucky to call their man.
Style Moi Striped Plaid Shirt Dress

Photo by: KC Nekro

Rocksbox Necklace, Style Moi shirt dress, Shoedazzle boots

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

I’ve been listening to podcasts on my way to work and pretty obsessed with the Gimlet Media’s family of podcasts. Startup was the initial podcast that got me hooked – it was a podcast about starting a podcast startup – meta.  Season Two  is even better: it follows the story of how two women build a dating company in the male-dominated world of startups.  The episode last week covered a topic I’ve rarely heard discussed and wasn’t even really aware of, the topic of how black women have a much harder time finding quality dating prospects with online dating services. That there’s an inherent bias that becomes apparent when people are searching online for dating prospects.

On Reply All, a sister podcast from Gimlet Media, the last episode covered the story of a serial dater. This particular serial dater was a pathological liar who dated dozens of women at a time, juggling multiple, serious girlfriend relationships concurrently. The kicker was that he was a white guy that only dated Asian girls. Ugh. The episode interviewed several Asian women who had used online dating services and became jaded with the process, encountering these skeezy Asianphile predators more than once. They came away from the process with a screening process, that any non-Asian guy who had five Asian girlfriends in a row was immediately out of the running. I would go as far to say that if he had two Asian girlfriends in a row, that would be cause for concern.(BTW my boyfriend is white and his last girlfriend was not Asian) Wouldn’t you want to be the first and last Asian girl that a guy dated, not the 100th?

I reflected upon the guys that I knew in my life that only dated Asians. I think theres a very big difference from having an attraction to Asian girls and only dating Asian girls exclusively, which is usually a fetish. These guys often had a couple things in common: they would frequent Asian hookers and date an inordinate amount of of Asian girls, I’m talking dozens, 50, events in the 100s! It seems that these Asianphile guys not only fetishized Asian women but treated them as interchangeable, abundant, objects. This is only my personal observation  but I’m curious, do you agree or disagree?

Here’s a totally gratuitous and unrelated photo of myself

Style Moi striped shirt dress

Photo by: KC Nekro

Rocksbox Necklace, Style Moi shirt dress

Gobble Subscription Box – American Wagyu Skirt Steak

Gobble Subscription Box – American Wagyu Skirt Steak

I’m loving Gobble! I’ve generally decided not to order steak from subscription boxes, skirt steak is a lower quality steak and I just much prefer throwing a high quality steak like a ribeye on the grill. This Gobble American Wagyu Skirt Steak meal definitely makes me reconsider using skirt steak again: in this instance I loved the charred vegetables mixed with the freshness of the chimmichuri and the contrasting creamy, tangy brava sauce.

Video Vignette created using the MixVid app

Gobble Steak with Papas Bravas

The charred vegetables are all ready to go, just throw them in the pan and heat!


Gobble Roasted Veggies

Season your steak liberally and make sure you pan is as hot as possible to get that nice brown sear.

Steak with Papas Bravas 1


Potatoes just need to be heated up, right alongside the steak works just fine


Steak with Papas Bravas


Mmmm steak….and some cool overcast lighting!

Browned Steak

As promised, you can cook your entire meal in one pan and get it to the table at just around 10 minutes! I highly recommend this dish!

Gobble Box - American Wagyu Steak


Black Leather Pixie Punk

Black Leather Pixie Punk

I’m a super girly girl but I got some of that punk rock edge in me! I love mixing rock elements with hyper feminine pieces. I dont think I’ve mentioned it yet but Gwen Stefani is definitely one of my style icons. I have a hour commute to and from work every day so I listen to tons of Audible Books and Podcasts galore. Currently I am listening to “You Must Remember This” and the last season was called Star Wars – covering the life and career of on-screen icons during World War II. So far I’ve listened to podcasts about Marilyn Monroe, Gene Tierney, Rita Hayworth. What I am learning is that some of the most beautiful women in the world have ended up leading the most tragic lives.  I used to want, need to be famous so badly, but eventually that feeling just went away. Or maybe I just grew up. These days I just want to eat a good meal and watch a good episode of Game of Thrones with The Director.

Black Leather Jacket and White Fringe Dress 2


Showing off my latest Rocksbox Necklace!

Black Leather Jacket and White Fringe Dress 2Black Leather Jacket and White Fringe Dress 2 Black Leather Jacket and White Fringe Dress 2

Photo by: KC Nekro

Rocksbox necklace, Shoedazzle shoes and purse, Style Moi dress

No credit for the jacket because I just found it at my place!

The Best Acai Bowl In Los Angeles

The Best Acai Bowl In Los Angeles

I was super excited to be introduced to the super deliciousness of the Acai bowl by the Postmates app. Postmates was running a free promo a couple of weeks ago, giving it’s users a free acai bowl to try out the delivery service. The Acai Bowl is now one of my favorite choices for breakfast, its such a healthy start to do the day! I can’t wait until summertime so I don’t get cold as I do now eating it for breakfast. Acai is a super fruit, unproven in it’s healing capabilities but it’s currently enjoying tons of attention in the food world. I’m enjoying it for its deliciousness!

Cow’s End Cafe

I am currently working in Venice and parking is a bitch! I found the Cow’s End Cafe on Yelp. The ambiance at The Cow’s End Cafe is great, its a locals spot and everyone is super friendly, making conversation with you while you’re in line. There is a line – this is a popular spot! I ordered the Sambazon Acai in a Bowl. It was ok! For me there was too much granola and not enough fruit and the acai seemed to melt quicker than most. Also it didnt make for a beautiful presentation. Don’t get me wrong, it was not bad at all, but it was not the best. The price was great $7.95 a bowl.

cows end cafe acai bowl

Instagram: @yelpLA

Another Kind Of Sunrise

I was excited to discover this spot, Venice has so many local hotspots?? I came to try the acai bowl but I am even more excited to try their other offerings. They are known for their Butter Coffee and I was so excited to see that they had bone broth! There’s a huge fad with bone broth in New York at brodo but this is my first encounter with bone broth in Los Angeles. Isn’t their acai bowl beautiful? I wish I had known that the acai was not frozen and not like yogurt, I didn’t like the yogurt at all. The nuts were super generous, but I just personally prefer fruits over nuts. This bowl is the priciest of the bunch $12!

Another Kind of Sunrise Acai Bowl

Kreation Organic

Kreation Organic in Venice is in walking distance from the office, it’s a very popular local spot with delicious juices and tonics. Their Amazebowl is ok! I prefer larger sized pieces of fruit and I don’t like apples in my acai bowl. Their Amazon Bowl is $9.95.

kreation juice amazebowl

Instagram: @KreationJuice


The Postmates Acai Bowl is still near the top of my favorites, the first bowl which converted me to acai bowls in the first place. Postmates is an awesome service but they aren’t very responsive, I’ve tried emailing and tweeting at them to discover the origins of this bowl but have yet to receive a response. If anyone knows where the bowl below is from I would absolutely love to know! This bowl was free except for the delivery charge – $5 total!

Acai Bowl Postmates


Naturewell is one of my favorite shops to visit, the employees there are so happy and passionate about their product. I was excited to learn that they also made acai bowls. Their acai was super frozen which I really enjoyed and I really liked the coconut topping. Make sure to try their facemelter shot, with ginger and cayenne.

Naturewell Acai Bowl


The Best Acai Bowl in Los Angeles is…….Ubatuba Acai!

With Acai Bowl in the name, their acai bowls had better be good! Ubatuba Acai Bowl does not disappoint! With locations in Tarzana, Thousand Oaks and Northridge, I am so glad that they have a location on my side of town in Koreatown. Their bowls are also available for delivery on Postmates! The Alameda Bowl is $8.50 and it’s a perfect bowl of berry goodness. There’s a understated glaze of honey topping to balance out the tartness of the ripe fruit. My mouth is watering now just talking about it – go check it out!

Ubatuba Acai Bowl

Le Tote Unboxing

Le Tote Unboxing

I’m like a broken record, but I am obsessed with all things subscription box and at the moment especially all things rental. I’ve been wanting to try Le Tote forever and I am a real customer, not sponsored by them. I really started to need the service when I started working at my full time job. I only really had a week or two’s worth of work clothes, most of the clothing in my closet is too dressy for daytime wear and especially for work. Plus it’s just boring to wear the same thing over and over again.

The rental clothing model works perfectly for work. I love wearing things once and then never again! Also part of the fun of a subscription rental service is that sometimes the service sends you something you would have never picked out on your own and I get to try something new that I discover I actually like.

Le Tote is a bargain, it’s $50 a month and you can return the postage page package as many times as you like to exchange for a new set of items. For $50, you get five items: three pieces of clothing and two accessories. Here’s what I got last month

Don’t want to read it all? Watch here!

Blue Striped Wrap by TART – Retail Price: $84

This was my favorite piece from the tote. It was heavy and just felt so luxurious and soft and warm. I am the queen of these snugly wraps.

blue striped pulloverLe Tote Blue Pullover Styled

 Black Blouse by NOIR – Retail Price: $58

The Noir Blouse is one of those basic staples that you should have in your closet. Pretty much matches with everything!

Le Tote Black BlouseLe Tote Black Blouse Styled

Gray Shift Dress – Retail Price: $92

This dress fit like a glove! It was also made of thick, high quality material. Maybe its because I am a cheapie used to buying really inexpensive clothing at Forever 21 and Sheinside and that’s why I am not used to the quality of Le Tote’s clothing. This should not highlight the fact that Le Tote’s clothing is expensive, its good solid, mid-range priced clothing, it should just highlight the fact that I am incredibly cheap when purchasing my own clothing.

Anyhow, I tried to throw in some punk rock edge with my blue studded pumps and my Shoedazzle purse by Gwen Stefani

gray shift dressLe Tote Gray Shift Dress Styled

$45 Necklace

These two necklaces were perfect for the Tote! I wore them every single day with all the outfits above because they matched everything in the box and the necklaces looked great stacked on top of each other.

black triangle stacked necklace

$54 Necklace

black diamond costume jewelry


I just shipped my box back the other day and my new Le Tote should be arriving in a day or two, ready for next week’s work week! Based on my calculations, I can reasonably expect to get a new tote each week, that’s four times a month. This month’s items in totaled up to be  worth about $300. That would be about $1200 worth of clothing for a $50 rental per month = a great deal!


Another star of this Le Tote adventure was the super amazing Shyp! I’m not sure how, but I became a gold member. We all know how horrible it is to go to the Post Office and deal with the inexplicably long lines (why are there only two checkouts for twenty customers??) and rude service. Shyp is AMAZING because you just use the app, and a Shyp guy or gal shows up within twenty minutes to pick up your package take it off for shipping. The service only costs $5 (plus any postage costs) plus your regular shipping fees. They provide shipping packaging and tape up your package – thats included and free.

Here’s how it works:

  • Launch the Shyp app and add a shipment.
  • Snap a photo of your item and request a pickup.
  • Within 20 minutes, a Shyp courier will come to your door, retrieve the item and take it to our packing and shipping facility.

Somehow I was lucky enough to become a Skyp VIP so I just had to pay $1 for all the services!! You can go to to try to request a Shyp Gold invite!

The Worst Day Ever – Little Gray Meow Cat

The Worst Day Ever – Little Gray Meow Cat

I am so sad today. Last night I went on a walk and I heard a meow meowing. To the left of me there was a little kitty on the lawn of the house we were passing. I had to say hello and I just expected him to run far away from me. But he stayed! – I coaxed him over to me and he immediately rolled over showed me his tummy and then started rubbing against me and purring. He was so skinny, starving! I played with him for five minutes and then was going to walk several blocks over and return with some cat food. But as we walked away he followed us, like a little puppy. He followed us all the way to 7-11, which was pretty far. We walked him all the way back to where we found him and I gave him his little can of tuna. He started eating it voraciously – he mustn’t have had a solid meal in quite a long time!

All the time I was racking my brain with ideas of how I could help this little kitty. I couldnt take him home. We have two precious kitties at home and I didnt know if this kitty had FIV, worms or worse. I didnt want to take him to the pound, his chances of living past the 72 hours there were super slim. So I ran away like a coward while he was eating the food!

Later I was told that I could take him to an animal rescue such as Luxe Paws who would rescue him and try to find him a home. I’m glad that I have this knowledge now! I looked for him again in the morning, The Director looked for him in the afternoon and we just looked for him again right now and hes gone :(


HelloFresh -Argentine-Spiced Steak

HelloFresh – Argentine-Spiced Steak

Next up is HelloFresh. I didn’t actually like the selection of meals in the box this week but I was accidentally sent this box. Hello Fresh responded quickly by comping me for this box which is much appreciated. I have to note that the website is a bit convoluted and complicated. The back end for the user might benefit from simplification so that its more intuitive and user friendly.

I didn’t like my other two meals from this week’s box but I really did like this meal below! I was worried because I wasn’t that familiar with cous cous and wasn’t sure if I would like it but it was good – very soft and crumbly – I liked it a lot! The steak was great, tender and perfectly pink inside.

Check out my video here:

Recipe Photo Breakdown

Hello Fresh Chimichurri    Hello Fresh Prep Hello Fresh Red Pepper


Chimichurri! Super easy

Hello Fresh ChimichurriHello Fresh Cous cous 3

Cous Cous Cous Cous! Its so soft and buttery!

hello fresh cous cous 2

You can’t see here but it’s sizzling!

hello fresh steak 5


Brown the otra side

hello fresh steak 4

Its a beauty!

Hello Fresh Steak 3

Here’s what its supposed to look like!

Hellofresh Argentine Steak

Nylon Pink Headlines The Hello Kitty Closing Party!

Nylon Pink Headlines The Hello Kitty Closing Party!

Hello Kitty Closing Party

Join us as we say farewell to Hello Kitty, whose exhibition closes on May 31. Our festive closing party will feature catalog signings with exhibiting artists, a performance by Nylon Pink, music by DJ Shy, photo opportunities with Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty crafts, the Hello Kitty Café truck, and complimentary appetizers and drinks courtesy of Joto Sake and Chado Tea Room. Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty will be open for viewing until 10 p.m.
*Artists will only sign Hello! catalog and exhibition prints. 1 catalog and 1 of each print per person.
$10 members, $30 general. JANM members get early access to the closing party starting at 6 p.m. Click here to purchase tickets!